Hannah Mock

Hello, I’m Hannah and I’m an Emerging Media and Digital Art Major at Southern Oregon University. I’m on the executive board for SOU’s Film Club I love the filmmaking process and editing footage. I have worked on shoots before in the Vancouver Washington state area for short films and have made a few of my own films in Ashland. I’m apart of SOFAM to gain more experience and professional insight for my own films.

Actor in short film Unmarked Directed by Ryan Erlandsen
PA in short film Dead Lake Directed by Ryan Erlandsen
Directed two short films called To See What I See and Hitchock’s Winter’s Tale
Actor in Souther Oregon Student Film Festival Bumpers directed by Jimmy Leavens and Andrew Gay
Extra in Deer Whisperer

Canon EOS Rebel T6 with 75-300mm Zoom Lens and a 18-55mm Lens.
Editing film, can drive