Take a Location Tour

Most people don’t realize how many times movie crews have come to film amidst the beautiful scenery of Southern Oregon. In fact, it wasn’t long after movies were invented that the first cameras rolled in the region. That film was called “Grace’s Visit to the Rogue River Valley” and it was made in 1914. To see it, visit one of the Historical Societies in the area, or visit the Railroad Museum in Ashland.

More recently,  the following movies were shot in part or entirely in Southern Oregon: “The Red Stallion” (1947), “Rooster Cogburn” (1975), “Stand By Me” (1986), “Inherit The Wind” (1988), “Winged Migration” (2001), “Conversations with God” (2006), “Calvin Marshall” (2009), “Night Moves” (2014) and  more.

You can experience a piece of film history with a self-guided tour to some of the publicly accessible locations used in the movies, such as the fast-flowing Umpqua River where Meryl Streep fought off a murderous Kevin Bacon in “The River Wild”, the woods where Johnny Depp camped out while avoided lawmen in “Dead Man” (1995), and the local watering hole where Steve Zahn drank a few too many in “Calvin Marshall” (2009).

Who knows, maybe you’ll see more film history in the making during your visit, so keep an ear out for someone shouting, “Roll Camera… Action!” Enjoy your tour.

Click HERE for an interactive Google map to those locations and more.