List of Films

The following films were made in whole or in part in the SOFaM region.

Films with the * are available to members to borrow at no cost at the SOFaM office and SOFaM Events. 



Conversations with God (2006) [IMDB] *

Sixes and the One-Eyed King (2006) [IMDB] [Official Site] *

Eureka (2006) (Partial) [IMDB]

Yesterday's Dreams (2005) [IMDB]

Into Me See (2005)

Mother Goose and Friends (2005) [IMDB]

Rail Kings (2005) (Partial) [IMDB]

The Woman of his Dreams (2005) (Partial) [IMDB]

Commune (2005) (Partial) [IMDB]

Raspberry Heaven (2004) [IMDB] *

Wow and Flutter (2004) [IMDB]

Turning Point (2004) [IMDB]

13 Lakes (2004) (Partial) [IMDB]

Indigo (2003) [IMDB] *

Lost Legends of the West (2003) [IMDB]

New Breed Vets with Steve Irwin (2002) (Partial) [IMDB]

Great Lodges of the National Parks (2002) (Partial) [IMDB]

The Ruby Princess Runs Away (2001) [IMDB]

Hard Luck (2001) (Partial) [IMDB]

Winged Migration (2001) (Partial) [IMDB]

The Bug Movie (2001) [IMDB]


Border to Border (1998) (Partial) [IMDB]

Tender Loving Care (1997) [IMDB]

Grizzly Mountain (1997) (Partial) [IMDB]

Independence Day (1996) (Partial) [IMDB]

Dead Man (1995) (Partial) [IMDB]

The River Wild (1994) (Partial) [IMDB] *

Great American Train Rides (1994) (Partial) [IMDB]

Iron Horse Rodeo (1993) [IMDB]

Nesmith Live (1992) [IMDB]

A Girl of the Limberlost (1990) [IMDB]

Spirit of the Eagle (1989) [IMDB]

Touring America's National Parks (1989) (Partial) [IMDB]

Inherit the Wind (1988) (Partial) [IMDB] *

Stand by Me (1986) (Partial) [IMDB]

Return of the Jedi (1983) (partial) [IMDB]

Mystery Mansion (1983) [IMDB]

Sacred Ground (1983) [IMDB]

Dream Chasers (1982) [IMDB]

Killing at Hell's Gate (1981) [IMDB]

Baby Blue Marine (1976) [IMDB]

Rooster Cogburn (1975) (Partial) [IMDB]

The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid (1972) [IMDB]

Gunsmoke: The River (episode) (1972) (Partial) [IMDB]

Climb an Angry Mountain (1972) [IMDB]

American Wilderness (1970) (Partial) [IMDB]

Mackenna's Gold (1969) (Partial) [IMDB] *

Route 66 (episodes) (1960) (Partial) [IMDB]

Fish Tales (1954) [IMDB]

Last of the Wild Horses (1948) [IMDB]

The Red Stallion (1947) (Partial) [IMDB]

Canyon Passage (1946) [IMDB] *

Wandering Here and There (1944) (Partial) [IMDB]

Park Avenue Logger (1937) (Partial) [IMDB]

Falling Timbers (1925)

Roaring Rails (1924) [IMDB]

Find Your Man (1924) [IMDB]

Grace's Visit to the Rogue River Valley (1914) [Mail Tribune] *

Passengers Alighting and Drinking Water (1903) [IMDB]