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Oregon Media Incentives: OPIF, iOPIF, and rOPIF

The State of Oregon has multiple production incentive programs, including the “Regional Oregon Production Investment Fund” (rOPIF) that specifically incentivizes the production of media in regions like Southern Oregon that reside outside of the Portland Metro Zone. Below you will find a summary of incentives offered by Oregon, but for more detailed information about the benefits and how to apply, we encourage you to visit the Oregon Governor’s Office of Film & Television incentives page. Unlike other states’ programs, Oregon’s incentives are cash rebates as opposed to tax credits. This enables the state to deliver you a check quickly and efficiently. Additionally, Oregon’s lack of any sales tax on goods and services can immediately save you 7 to 8%.

The “Oregon Production Investment Fund” (OPIF) offers qualifying film or television productions a 20% cash rebate on production-related goods and services paid to Oregon vendors and a 10% cash rebate of payrolled wages paid for work done in Oregon including both Oregon and non-Oregon residents. The labor portion of this rebate can be combined with the Greenlight Oregon program for an effective labor rebate of 16.2%. A production must directly spend at least US $1million in Oregon to qualify. There is no per production cap.

The “Indigenous Oregon Production Investment Fund” (iOPIF) provides rebates of 20% of goods and services and 10% of Oregon labor for projects by Oregon producers who spend a minimum of $75,000, up to the first $1million of their spend. Other requirements will apply – such as the project must be produced by an Oregon Resident producer or an Oregon headquartered production company, and the principal cast & crew must be made up of at least 80% Oregon Residents.

The “Regional Oregon Production Investment Fund” (rOPIF) further incentivizes both Portland-based productions to spend at least some of their shooting schedule outside of the “Portland Metro Zone” (which is defined as 30 miles from Burnside Bridge) as well as incentivizing productions to base themselves entirely outside of the Portland Metro Zone for the majority of their shoot. It is intended to be utilized by projects that are already applying for, and being accepted to, either the OPIF or iOPIF programs. It cannot be utilized on its own. rOPIF is a capped annual fund equal to 3% of the overall OPIF fund.

There are two mutually exclusive sections to the rOPIF incentive:

The first applies to productions which are based within the Portland Metro Area (i.e. their main production office is located within those boundaries). For these productions, rOPIF will reimburse costs directly associated with the lodging, travel, fuel, meals and other costs directly incurred by having a crew working on “distant location.” The rOPIF program allows a reimbursement of up to $200/day for each person traveling to and/or being put up at a “distant location” up to a cap of $10,000 per day and a per project overall cap of $50,000. So, if a production based in Portland travels for 3 days of work in, say, Grant’s Pass, they can receive up to $10,000/day, maximum, utilizing a reimbursement of up to $200/day for each person working in and/or staying overnight in Grant’s Pass, which could amount to $30,000 for the three days of work on that “distant location.”

The second applies to productions which are based outside of the Portland Metro Area (i.e. their main production office is located outside of those boundaries). For these productions, rOPIF allows for an additional 10% to be added to the project’s overall OPIF or iOPIF award. So, if a project being produced entirely outside of Portland (with a minimum of 6 production days and at least 50% + 1 day of all of the production work being done outside of Portland) is expecting to receive $100,000 from OPIF or iOPIF – that award will have 10%, or in this case $10,000, added to it from the rOPIF program for a total of $110,000 of incentives being awarded to the production.

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Oregon Made Creative Foundation Grants

Oregon Film has partnered with the Charitable Partnership Fund (a 501[c][3]) to create a stand-alone non-profit foundation focused on providing opportunity and grants for #OregonMade creators. The Oregon Made Creative Foundation offers numerous grants, fellowships, and residencies for Oregon-based production professionals.

Recent funding opportunities have included grants for outdoor adventure filmmaking, a screenwriting residency, an animation apprenticeship, post-production finishing funds, a winter season grant, and the Portland Circuit distribution program.

For information on the latest grant opportunities, visit

Oregon Media Arts Fellowship

The Oregon Media Arts Fellowship(s) provide financial and other support for production expenses to enable Oregon film or video artists to create or complete new work or works in progress. The Media Arts Fellowship(s) recognize and assist media artists whose work shows exceptional promise and who have demonstrated a commitment to film or video art.

Oregon Arts CommissionThe Media Arts Fellowship program is funded by the Oregon Arts Commission and administered by the Northwest Film Center. For more information, visit